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A Sense of Excellence! No matter the size or complexity of the
project, MONAST offers impeccable and professional services.

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Working Environment



MONAST Inc. operations abide by important principles: Firstly, to offer a safe and pleasant working environment to its personnel allowing them to perform at their best. Consciously aware that its main asset is quality craftsmanship, MONAST ensures that all personnel carry the proper qualifications, enabling them to meet client needs and adapt to new technologies. Secondly, MONAST implements values within their workforce such as: excellence, adaptability, transparency, responsibility, integrity and team effort, enabling each team member carries a sense of responsibility and respect ensuring that client satisfaction is constantly in mind. Close supervision ensures production schedules and delivery dates are maintained and respected.

Fabrication of specialized custom made equipment from product engineering, mechanical engineering, design, manufacturing and assembly to installation and follow-up maintenance, MONAST offers it all and more! With its multi-talented taskforce and high technology equipment, MONAST is an enterprise that distinguishes itself by providing quality products and services to the complete satisfaction of present and future clients.

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